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Medical scribing is a procedure in which a doctor/ physician is being assisted by a person, called as medical scribe, for the medical documentation process, in real-time. Medical scribes are responsible for preparing medical charts/ reports and helping the doctor to update the same in Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the purpose of medical billing& health insurance, whereas the doctor can focus more on patient-care. Usually, the medical scribing profession comes under the Healthcare BPO sector.

A person with minimum plus two qualifications can be a medical scribe. English communication is the key skill needed to be a medical scribing expert. A well dignified professional attitude should be developed by the candidates, that is, they should mould themselves to their own best version to cope up with the corporate etiquettes.

Medical scribing is one of the most demanding careers nowadays. The major reason for this is the salary package of the profession. Even the freshers can get 7L to 10L CTC. According to the current financial circumstances of an average Indian, this package is far above the normal scale.

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  • Position : Medical Scribe
  • Qualification: Graduation(must)
  • Age : Minimum of 21
  • Experience: No previous experience required. Freshers can apply
  • Location : All Over India
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Salary Starting from Rs.5 Laks P.A

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There is a very high demand for medical scribes in the USA & the Medical Scribing sector is expected to grow by 23% between now and 2028 which is the highest known growth in the healthcare industry. Hence you can experience a steep career growth due to quick promotions. You can become a Medical Scribe, Executive Medical Scribe, Team Lead, Trainer, Quality Assurance and finally you can join the Management Team.

Though Medical Scribing is a combination of Healthcare and IT field, you do not need to be from either of these fields in order to excel in this profession.

Hurry!! Do not lose this Golden Opportunity! Join Transorze now and get the opportunity to work with US Doctors!

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About Transorze

Transorze Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and has been responsible for successfully molding the careers of Indian Youth in the field of Medical Scribing.

Transorze Solutions has more than 12 years experience in the field of Healthcare Industry and is directly associated with more than 50 US Healthcare documentation companies.

Today Transorze has the requirement of more than 2000 Medical Scribes per month.

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Q: Can graduates do Medical Scribing?
A: Anyone with graduation can do medical scribing.
Q: Is English proficiency mandatory for Medical Scribing?
A: Yes. As the medical scribes assist foreign doctors, English communication becomes very essential.
Q: Can a person from non medical background be a medical scribe?
A: Yes. Candidates who have successfully completed their higher secondary education from any stream can be a medical scribe.
Q: Is there any age limit for being a medical scribe?
A: There is no preferred age limit for being a medical scribe.